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Morriss Update



I haven’t been feeling well for a while.   I know I am a hard cat to figure out so I don’t blame mom for not knowing what to do with me.  I changed my mind about the food I like once again.  So mom has a cabinet full of food I won’t eat anymore.  I don’t mean to be difficult, but it’s just who I am.  DON’T JUDGE ME!

I love mom for taking care of me.  I was really sick on monday morning.  I couldn’t stop throwing up.  Mom’s poor living room carpet looks like a minefield.  I didn’t mean to be such a problem, but I couldn’t help myself.

Mom did some stuff on the computer and then called the vet.  After quickly taking a shower mom whisked me into the carrier.  (Which I HATE and usually fight horribly to get away).  But alas, I knew I was too sick to fight or argue.  Of course, that didn’t stop me from screaming all the way to the vet.  Thankfully it was only a five minute drive.  The doctor was much nicer than the last place she took me.  But I made it very clear there would be NO THERMOMETER IN THE ANAL REGION!!!!  Thankfully he took my threat seriously.

Mom told the vet everything she could to help him figure out what to do with me.  I have terrible skin allergies every year during the summer, but this year has been the worst.  I’ve been tearing my fur out and of course swallowing it causing major hairballs everyday.  I have scabs on my back from biting myself.  I know mom wanted to do something sooner, but she didn’t have any money so she prayed it would just get better like it has every other year.  But it didn’t.

The vet wanted to to bloodwork and xrays on me, but mom couldn’t afford the $368 that would cost.  So they decided to deal with the most immediate problems and see if I would be ok.  So I got three needles in my behind.  I was good until the last one.  I let out a scream that could be heard for miles around.   Mom asked what the shots were and the vet told her before he administered each one.  One was a two week antibiotic, one was anti vomiting medicine, and one was a steroid to help with my allergy.

I felt so bad to be putting mom through all this.  When we were ready to leave the lady told mom it would be $132.02 and mom showed her, her phone and told her she had applied online for credit.  I felt so bad.  I know mom doesn’t have the money to pay for that.  I love mom for doing what she needed to do to make me ok.

Mom stayed home with me all day Monday to make sure I was ok and pet me while I ate.  I’ve been sitting on my towel by the front door since the ordeal.  I am feeling better.  I know mom has been putting something in my food, but I’m eating it anyway because I am starving.

Mom had to go to the store to get me special food for hairballs yesterday and more of my new favorite food so I will eat.  I didn’t want her to go.  That’s why I’ve been sitting in front of the door, I don’t want mom to leave me alone.  But mom explained that we don’t have anyone who can go and get  this for us so she had to go.  She promised to be back quickly and she was.

So all in all I’m feeling  better today.  I haven’t vomited since Monday.  I’m still a little spaced out from all the shots.  I’m praying mom can find a way to pay the vet bill and the washer bill.   I wish I could do something to help mom, she’s so good to me.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  My mom loves me and takes care of me.

2.  I’m feeling a bit better.

3.  A nice vet.  (I still don’t like them, but he was very nice to me.)   Thank you Dr. Myers from Cherryville Animal Hospital in Walnutport, PA!



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