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A Lot Has Happened

It would be absolutely impossible to cover all that has happened since the last time I wrote, so I’ll just let my fingers lead me to what to write about.

New Year’s Eve I got the surprise of my life when I called PNC Bank about my mobile home mortgage.  I didn’t have a new payment book so I thought I had just misplaced it.  WRONG!  I had a balloon payment of over $6,900 due on January 28, 2015.  (Which they just so kindly sent me a notice for on January 21st.  I always thought thirty days notice was customary, but apparently I’m wrong on that.)  As terrified as that information made me I’m glad I found out early.   After being on the phone and going round and round with many people who couldn’t give me any alternatives, except a short sale of my home, I tried applying for a personal loan.  The payments would have been $100 less than my mortgage, but they declined me.  I tried applying again with a friend as a co-signor and was declined once again.  I was scared out of my mind.

I knew there was no where I could go because I had done all the research over the summer and there’s no where I can afford to live on the disability income that I receive.  So I told God he really needed to handle it because I had no answers.  I asked the people at my church to pray for a miracle because I sure needed one.

And YES God did provide a miracle.  A person I barely know came to my home with a cashiers check and told me it was an interest free loan and the payments are about $90 cheaper than my mortgage was.  Thank you God!!!!   It was a great day when I walked into PNC Bank with my check book and paid the loan off and said good bye forever to them.  I will never deal with that bank again.

Over the month of December many people from my church prayed for me and helped me financially with everything from gift cards to Walmart and grocery stores to one nice couple paying my propane bill and the church helped me to catch up on a couple of things.  I don’t know what I would have done without my church family.

So today things are better.  I’m still living on an extremely limited budget, but I continue to pray that God will meet my need for groceries and medicine when I need it.  I have to believe God will meet my every need after what he has done with the mortgage.  That was a miracle and I thank God every day for sending me the miracle I needed.

Today we had snow and I tried something different when I went out to shovel.  I walked out the door and thanked God that I had a home, a driveway, and a car to shovel snow from instead of complaining and asking him where is the husband I’ve been begging him for.  I thanked him for helping me to physically do what I needed to do.  And once again he provided a miracle in giving me a good attitude while I was shoveling.  It took me three times as long as it normally would because I have a pulled muscle in my back from coughing so hard for three weeks over Christmas when I had pleurosy, but I got it done.

The rest of day was pain meds and recovery mode, but I made it through.

I guess if I have to give a piece of advice for today the first would be:  No matter how terrible and impossible things look, hang on and pray, God is listening.  and Secondly, try being positive instead of negative and complaining it will affect your outlook and attitude.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I have a home.

2.  A great church family, and people to help me.

3.  The wonderful dinner with my friend last night.



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A Renewed Lesson on Gratefulness

As the power flickered off and on over and over last night and then finally went off completely around 2:15 am I realized how much I take working electricity for granted.

It was 22 degrees, with a wind chill well below that, and pitch dark and terrifying when you are alone. Thankfully I had “Ye Olde Brooklyn Lantern” from the tv commercial that my mom bought me last year before the hurricane. Ironically the power never went off here during Hurricane Sandy.

Each phone call and web search of the electric company made the situation more grim and hopeless. Originally the estimate was the power would be restored by 5:00 am. The power did flicker on and off but it didn’t stay on. The next estimate was 6:30 am. The power came on from 6:05 until about 6:20, long enough to get the cat fed, go to the bathroom, brew a pot of coffee, and get my bowl of cereal.

The last estimate was 7:30 am. I was praying and praying because I was scheduled to be in the sound room this morning on Pro Presenter (the lyrics for the songs, videos, scripture. all that stuff you see on the screens). I didn’t want to go to church without a shower, but I had decided I would if I had to because I made a commitment to be there so no matter what, I would be there.

Thankfully about 7:15 the power came on again. I took the world’s fastest shower in case the power went off again. (We also lose water here when we lose power because it’s well water.)

I turned the heat up two degrees at a time because I didn’t want to stress my furnace that’s probably as old as my 1987 home.

As I sit here tonight reflecting on my night and my day I am extremely grateful to have heat, electricity, and water tonight. I am grateful and feel privileged to be a part of an awesome tech team at church. There was an awesome luncheon for us today to thank us for our service.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Prayers lifted up and answered so I could make it to church on time to serve on the tech team and have my shower and coffee.

2. All the cool writing magazines, my friend Joan from the writer’s group delivered to me tonight. Thanks Joan.

3. The luncheon at church was so nice and I enjoyed talking to Chad and his daughter.


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NanoWrimo Progress

My goal for today was to hit 5,100 words. I just hit 5,180. I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen today or not.

I had a very interrupted night’s sleep last night and I was in the sound room for the first service this morning running the Pro-Presenter program. We had a very hectic busy service and I was overwhelmed. I prayed before the service began and God did an awesome job through me. I don’t think I breathed until after communion. LOL

We have such an awesome team in the sound room I truly appreciate each person so much.

After church I was in pain and came home and napped on the couch after lunch. I’m in so much pain right now I’m just looking forward to laying down again. I feel like I spend most of my time on my back these days, but if I push it I know it’s not pretty. That’s when the menopausal rage hits with a vengeance. So my motto these days is, “Be kind to yourself”.

So here is my word count for today along with all my jumbled thoughts. I consider this is a personal victory the way I’m feeling.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The service went well this morning even thought I felt totally incapable.

2. I was able to nap and relax after church.

3. I met my word count goal for today.


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Being Flexible

I’ve had a lot of practice at being flexible since I’ve been disabled for 14 years. I’m still not perfect at it and have a long way to go, but I roll with things a little better today than I did 14 years ago.

I was going to go to the 10:45 service at church today allowing me to sleep until 7:30. But the body woke up at 5:30, soooooo I changed things up and went to the 9:00 service.

I was going to spend tonight working on my homework and reading, but a lady from church called Friday and asked if I would run cameras for the ordination service tonight. Apparently they want the best people on and a couple of people recommended me. LOL I find that hysterical because I am so technicalogically challenged. But I consider it an honor to be asked for such an important event. I just try my best and people have noticed and want me there. Very flattering.

Right now the laundry is going and it is soon to be nap time as soon as the wash goes into the dryer.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. An excellent service at Bethany Wesleyan Church this morning.

2. I’m learning to be more flexible with my plans.

3. The people in leadership and the sound room at church appreciate me.

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Message on Gratefulness

“How quickly our deepest requests, when granted, are absorbed into routine…”

The topic at church this weekend was gratefulness. The above quote was taken from a video that was played. I was fortunate to see it twice and be able to get that quote on paper.

As my mom, sister, and I walked into the awesome new worship center at Bethany Wesleyan Church we were blessed to run right into Pastor Robert. Mom thanked him for being so nice to her and going to see her last year when she was in the hospital with a broken neck. As we talked Pastor Robert’s wife, Andrea came over and gave my mom a hug. They are such a sweet couple. My mom was so happy to be able to see them before they move at the end of the month.

The second blessing was Andrea was playing keyboard and singing with the praise team and Pastor Robert was delivering the message. What a fantastic night and message on gratefulness. On the way home my mom was telling me when she thanks God for ordinary everyday things.

Sitting in church last night with my mom by my side the above quote resonated deep inside me. Just one year ago my mom had broken her neck in a car accident on June 1, 2012 and my deepest prayer requests were for her to be ok. For her to be able to get her license back and drive again. For her to be able to go places with my sister, without me. To be able to find her a decent car with the money she had.

Each request was answered over time. Over time as one request was answered the next began. And as the quote above states, each request was absorbed into the daily routine. Mom’s neck brace removed and her neck healed extremely well with no residual side effects. Her license restored. The car found and purchased for a decent price.

Now my life’s deepest requests are about me and my life. A husband to adore me. A helpmate to be here for me and I for him. A man who likes to eat so I can cook for him. A man to love and spend time laughing and doing life with. My daily pain to go away.

…”Our deepest requests absorbed into the routine…”

I hope someday these deepest requests will be absorbed into the routine and be a reality in my life.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. It was really nice to hear Pastor Robert deliver the message last night and Pastor Justin (the pink haired pastor) this morning.

2. I had a nice quiet day. When I came home from church I had lunch and crashed on the couch for three hours. That felt great. It’s a dreary rainy day (perfect for relaxing on the couch).

3. I had left over sausage spinach soup for dinner and froze the rest for rainy/snowy days in the future.

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Long Sleepless Night, Busy Day

I had a horrible night’s sleep. Just as I was drifting off my phone started playing a song and I looked to find someone had invited me to play Candy Crush! AGGGGHHHH!!!! (I know you’re probably thinking, “Shut your phone off”. With my mom’s age and health I keep my phone on and by the bed.) That ruined my sleep for the night and I was never able to get back to that drifting off place. *Sigh* And today is going to be busier than I would like it to be without sleep.

I promised my mom and sister that I would meet them for an early dinner and then take them to my church for the service tonight so they can see Pastor Robert and Andrea before they leave. They’re moving at the end of this month so he can work on his Masters in Divinity I believe.

Pastor Robert and Andrea went to see my mom last year when she was in the hospital with a broken neck. They were so sweet to her and she’s never forgotten them. So I wanted to make sure she got to see them before they leave.

Hopefully after my shower I’ll be able to lay down for a bit and at least relax. I hope my mom and sister don’t want to stop in to see Morriss because my house is a mess. I haven’t felt well enough to do anything around here except survive.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. It looks like another beautiful day outside.

2. My mom and sister are going to church today.

3. My class starts Wednesday.

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Two Mustangs

As I walked into church I saw two Mustangs on the stage. Yes, two cars, Mustangs. A 1973 and a 2014. Wow! The sermon was about new and old. The new building and the old building. Very cool. I love my church.

I actually attended the service Saturday night and then I was in the sound room this morning on the cameras. I’m really enjoying the cameras. They actually used a couple of my shots from the side stage today.

After lunch I took a nice nap and then met my mom and sister for an early dinner at Perkins. Very calm peaceful day. I like that.

The skies looked like we were going to get hammered by a storm, but it looks like it passed us by. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A calm peaceful day.

2. A nice nap that eased my pain level a bit.

3. I behaved and had a salad for dinner.

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