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Unexpected Blessings

The rollercoaster ride called  “My Life” continues.  As much as I didn’t want to have to replace my washer, that was less than four years old, there were some blessings I wouldn’t have expected.

-A friend sent me $150 towards the $444 for the new machine.  Only $294 to go.

-Since I searched for reviews about my new washer on Amazon, they gave me recommendations  for “portable washers”.  And I do mean “portable”.  They only wash a pair of jeans or a couple shirts at a time, but they are able to be used in apartments where there is no hook up for a washer.  You don’t even have to hook them up to the faucet.  You can fill them with a bucket.  So that opened up a whole lot of options that I thought were closed.

-The new washer came Tuesday and it is wonderful.  I’m loving this basic Whirlpool washer with an agitator and knobs instead of electronic buttons.  I like being able to choose my water level and open the lid and see what is going on in there.

So all in all, the washer dying was an unexpected blessing.  I really needed to know that someone/ anyone cared about me and the unexpected gift  helped me feel better about myself and my life.  The knowledge that even if I have to go to an apartment that doesn’t allow a washer there are alternatives in those portable machines.  And my new washer is getting my clothes, towels, and sheets far cleaner that that high efficiency model ever did.  Everything is smelling fresher and looking brighter.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I like my new washer better than the high efficiency machine that just died.

2.  Friends.

3.  Writing.



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A Little Hope



These are pictures of my main steps to come into my house. Yesterday two gentlemen blessed me greatly by fixing and staining these steps for me. They weren’t in horrible shape, but definitely in need of some TLC that I couldn’t physically or financially afford to give them.

I told them the things that were concerning me about them and they sured them up by putting the cross board in and screwing other parts down and together better and then they matched the stain I had on them and they paid for and put the stain on them. Thank you God.

They also looked at my shed that needs a new roof and a good staining and they said they could help me with that too. I’m about ready to cry typing this right now. These are things that are overwhelming to me because I’m not physically able to do the work anymore and financially I’m struggling just to keep up with everyday bills.

This morning on my way out to church to be in the sound room I took these pictures and thought to myself maybe this is God’s way of saying, “Just hold on. Even if it’s holding on by your fingernails, just hold on. I won’t let you sink. I’m helping you. Just be patient and do the best you can. Help is on the way.”

Maybe my writing will pay off. Maybe there’s another form of help on the way. Maybe tomorrow won’t be so hard. Maybe…. Maybe…..

So I’m in the sound room in the gym again at church. The new building still hasn’t opened and yet no one is talking about it or complaining. We’re just going about business as usual, praising and worshipping God and waiting on his timing to let us into the new building. I know it will be a great day when that happens and it will happen soon.

I wonder if the pastor gets overwhelmed by the delay and feels the way I do about trying to hold onto my home? I’m sure he must at times. Hmm maybe this is happening to me so I know better how to pray for my pastor.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. My steps are safe and protected. Thank you God for those two men. Bless them today.

2. A little sliver of hope that maybe things will work out and I’ll be able to hold onto my home.

3. I read my library book in a day. James Patterson’s “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas”. AWESOME BOOK!!! If you’re looking for a book to get lost in I highly recommend it!!!

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Feeling Blessed

I actually planned on writing this yesterday, but the entry yesterday came out of no where and took on a life of its own. I love when that happens. I’ve learned to just roll with whatever is flowing and let the words speak.

Sunday I was pleasantly surprised by two of my fellow bloggers that I admire. They presented me with a “Very Inspirational Blogger Award”! I was in shock and awe. There are a couple of things I need to do in accepting these awards so I will postpone posting the award itself until I can follow through with the requirements.

Since the Writer’s Conference is this week I will need to work on the blogger award next week. I still have so much I need to do to get ready for the conference. I did dye my hair yesterday so I won’t look like a hag. (I know, priorities right. LOL) I need to print out instructions for the two small things I volunteered to do. I will be introducing one of the speakers and I will be reading people’s works for the Page Cuts workshop. I want to print up a poem for the Flash Contest and make sure I have enough business cards printed. Oh and I want to put on my peel and stick fake nails. (They do look real and they’re less than $10. I’m just sure I’ll do a blog on them at some point. Stay tuned.)

I also wanted to type up an article for the upcoming Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group newsletter about blogging. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while. I am a master procrastinator. Add this disease and I’m surprised I ever get anything done.

I have another reason for feeling blessed this morning. I got an email from a fellow board member in the writers group and she offered me her space at the all day “Character Intensive” workshop with Juilene Osborne-McKnight on Thursday. This was an additional cost above the conference registration. I knew I couldn’t afford it so I really didn’t even look at it when I was registering. When she offered this gift because she has to work that day I read the description before responding YES!!!

Now I just need lots of prayers for energy and no pain.

So Lord, please give me everything I need to be able to go and enjoy the workshop on Thursday. Help me to represent you and the writers group well in the areas I volunteered. Help me to feel well and be able to enjoy myself Friday night and all day Saturday at the conference. Keep me well and healthy. Take away all stress and pain. And if possible let a room open up free of charge or very cheap at the hotel. (I’m only 20 minutes away so I don’t really need a room, but it would be nice to be able to nap in between activities.) Thank you Lord for showing your love for me through people these past few days.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The snow didn’t amount to much yesterday, but it was nice to have the oven on and smelling chicken cooking on a cold, snowy day.

2. My hair is dyed and looks nice. (Thank you Loreal, Healthy Look for 10 minute painless hair dye. Otherwise I’d look like a calico cat)

3. The cool fake nails I have to put on for under $5.00.

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