Morriss Mondays

Hey everyone, it’s me MORRISS! Did you miss me? You’re probably wondering where I’ve been and why I would let my adoring fans not know what was going on. Please accept my humblest apologies. I was very sick since the summer. I’m not sure what I’ve told you already so I’ll just tell you what comes to mind at this moment. As you can see in this picture, my fur was looking really scraggly.


I was ripping out my fur and biting myself so hard I was bleeding and coughing up hairballs everyday. Since I was never one to have hairballs mom knew something was very wrong.

I had taken to hiding in the small bedroom which scared mom. I just wanted to die I felt so horrible. Mom was so very worried about me.

The first time I went to the vet I had a hair ball stuck and couldn’t get it out and couldn’t stop throwing up. That scared me and mom. The vet was very nice to me and mom. He gave me three shots, one to stop the vomitting, one was an antibiotic, and one was a steroid. Then he gave mom steroid pills to give me. Mom was so good she hid them in my favorite food and I had no idea they were there. I got better pretty quick. My fur started coming back and I stopped throwing up hair balls.

And then… the steroids were gone and within two weeks it started all over again. Mom was so worried about me. She would put her hand on me and pray that I would get better. I know mom doesn’t have a lot of money and she had to put my previous visit on a credit card that she really couldn’t afford to pay, but she did it because she loves me.

She had asked the people on her Facebook page to pray for me and her friend Bob called from Georgia. I met Bob a couple times, I acted like I didn’t like him holding me, but as soon as he put me down I stayed by him because I did kind of like him. Anyway, mom explained that during our first vet visit they wanted to do tests on me but she couldn’t afford to have them done. As it was, the first bill was over $100. So her friend Bob said he would pay for the office visit and tests so mom could make sure what was going on with me. I remember mom picking me up and crying and telling me that Bob was going to help me to get better. I didn’t put up a fight when she put me in my carrier that day. I wasn’t happy at the vets when they decided to draw blood and do xrays on me, but I let them.

Now, all along mom thought it was allergies and after the tests were done, she was right. Now she had to figure out to what.
Mom called Bob after the vet visit to tell him that they thought it was allergies and he mentioned checking into grain free food and cutting out chicken or beef.

So mom started a food allergy journal so she could figure out my allergies. I’ll let mom tell you about that because I don’t understand what all she did. All I know is mom is a genius. She started giving me the food in this picture. These are my three favorites.


And after a week this was how my fur looked.


And this was me this morning.


I’m hoping to continue to feel well and keep you updated on my life here with mom.



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6 responses to “Morriss Mondays

  1. Hi Morris!!!! You look great!!! Happy you are feeling better!!!

  2. Hi Morris!!!! So glad your feeling better….Your looking great!!

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