Working Hard

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I’ve had a few people ask how I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.  In between all the problems I have been standing strong on getting healthier.

I began the journey March 17, 2014 by writing down everything I eat and keeping track of the points so I don’t overeat.  The opportunity to walk inside at the church opened up and I went Mondays and Thursdays.  I started out walking eight or nine laps around the new worship center in about fifteen minutes.  When I first started walking I wanted to throw up because it made me feel so horrible.  This fibromyalgia and other health issues had me down for over fifteen years, so I have a lot of work to do.

It’s now been four months and I’m glad to say I’m seventeen pounds less than I was at the start of this adventure and I’m now walking twelve laps in twenty-five minutes  twice a week.  I’m feeling stronger each day.  The fatigue still sets in around lap four, but I turn the praise music up and lift my hands to God and pray for the strength to continue.  My right knee hasn’t been going out of place anymore, praise God.

I’m not doing this to look great.  Those days have long since passed me by.  I’m doing this to be healthy.  I live alone and it’s terrifying when I physically can’t do what I need to do.  I’m not saying that has resolved itself, but at least I know I’m working on it.  I know I have to take it slow and easy or wind up in a major fibromyalgia flare up.  I did that early on and it was wicked.

So I’ve been isolated from people unless I’m in the sound room at church or out and about doing errands.  I have a couple friends I see maybe once a month or so, but most have forgotten about me.  (Out of sight, out of mind, I guess)

I’ve had a couple of health scares since I started, but thankfully they’ve not become issues.  I had to stop taking my asthma medication, singulair, because it was colliding with menopause and making me very agitated and full of rage. The big problem is I can’t take anything else for my asthma, but thankfully God send a gentleman to cut my lawn so I won’t have a major asthma attack.

I had an ultrasound on my neck because I was having weird symptoms and since I had the three aneurysms in my abdomen I am more likely to get one somewhere else.  Thankfully the symptoms went away and the ultrasound was normal.

So in summary, I’m working hard at getting healthy.  I’m feeling stronger.  I’m still lonely and wishing that would change and God would send the husband I’ve been longing for, but I’m losing hope with each passing day.  Financially I’m drowning, but all the doors closed on the plans I had to get out of my home so I’m stuck here for now.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I’ve stayed committed to walking even when it made me feel like I wanted to die, and now I’m getting a little stronger.

2.  The gentleman cut my lawn yesterday so I wouldn’t have to.

3.  I’m not perfect every day with my lifestyle changes, but I don’t stay stuck in my mistakes.  I get back on track the next meal or the next day so it doesn’t snowball into a disaster.




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7 responses to “Working Hard

  1. Hi Linda,
    That is great news about all the walking you are doing and your down 17 pounds!! That is a fantastic accomplishment and gives me hope! Congratulations!!!! I have gained a lot of weight too because of inactivity and started walking my dog twice a day 3 weeks ago. Sometimes it is sooo hard and I feel like I am pulling a 100 lb weight behind me! So if I am having a bad day I walk less and on a good day I make the most of it and do a good 20-30 min walk. I haven’t gone on the scale yet but……my pants were hanging on me so tried on a size smaller and have gone down one size! I was so happy so it’s keeping me motivated! I know it’s brutal at times, but I am going to keep it up too!!
    I will talk about my other stuff in my response to another blog that you replied to me on. I was glad to see you online again and writing. I am not very consistent with writing blogs yet as it depends how I feel, which has been so up and down. Between the sinus disease and fibro, I feel like I gave been hit by a Mack truck a lot of the time. You know how it is.

    Keep up the walking and I am so happy for you!!


    • Sounds like you are doing exactly what you need to do for yourself. We do what we can and let the rest go. This fibro is so hard to work with, I’m impressed either of us get anything done. LOL WE ARE STRONG!!!

      • Hi Linda,
        Yes, I’ve been trying but you know how it is, some days are better than others!! Fibro is awful to work with because you never know what you are going to get!!!! I spent the last 3 days down for the count and my sinus was really brutal on top of the fibro so I couldn’t do a thing. Took my dog Lucy out for her walks but they were short and sweet. But today I felt a lot better, so went thru all my clothes and put together 2 green garbage bags iof clothes for GoodWill and put out a bunch of garbage. Even did 2 loads of laundry which is a miracle Linda, LOL!! So I had a really productive day and was soo happy!!! Do you get days like that?? I don’t get them often enough!
        I will probably pay tomorrow but hopefully not too much!
        So we are STRONG!!! Keep up the good work Linda!!

        Do you ever skype or talk on Facebook?? Would love to chat with you!!
        Let me know if you want to and by what means.

  2. Hi, Linda! I miss your Facebook posts from when you blogged every day but try to get over and take a look.

    I am so glad walking has been successful for you!

    I swear there was something in the air this winter! I gained about 15 pounds which on my small frame was almost six dress sizes. I wasn’t getting much activity due to my broken hand and the winter was so cold. Plus it seemed as money got tighter I had access to lots of free food but it was all doughnuts and chips and candy. Not a good combo with stress!

    It all took a toll on my balance and other cerebral palsy related issues so when an impromptu trip to the doctor for something minor revealed that I weighed more than I did after delivering my daughter…

    Well, now I’m on the road to a healthier me, but I’m still a clutz. I did my weight training, hit my daughter’s punching bag and then was jumping rope when I realized I better use the bathroom before jumping more…

    Walked out of the garage, tripped, and hit my head on the stone foundation of the house. Yup. Still a clutz.

    Thinking of you.

    • Oh my gosh, I hope you are ok….

      I haven’t been blogging everyday this year, but I am still doing some personal therapeutic writing everyday.

      It’s funny I was just thinking about you last night and thinking it’s been way too long since I’ve seen you. Maybe we can catch up over a cup of coffee or tea some day?

      This getting healthy thing is a lot harder than being unhealthy. LOL I’ll cheer you on and you can cheer me on.

      Hope to talk to you soon.

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