Morriss Wednesday



This is how I’ve felt the past week and a half, like I was going to die any moment.  Mom found this picture on Facebook and when I saw it I knew I had to share it with all my fans.

Thankfully I’m feeling much better.  I know mom has been really worried about me, especially when I would go hide under the couch for no reason.  I always hide under there for fireworks and storms, but I’ve been going under there when I wasn’t feeling well because I didn’t want mom to worry, but it ended up worrying her more.  I’m so glad that’s over.

Mom has been so good to me during this whole time.  Giving me the food I want and sometimes two different cans at a time so I had a choice.  Don’t tell mom, but I was playing her.  It’s still working, by the way.  I get her to give me two different kinds of food and then I save them for overnight so I can pig out.  Life is good.

I’m sending out a plea to help mom with the vet bill.  I know she’s going to be short money this month because of me and the washer dying.  If you can do anything I know mom would appreciate it tremendously.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I have a great mom.  She’s been petting me while I eat and making sure my every need and want is met.

2.  I’m feeling so much better.  All the sores on my back are gone.

3.  Mom has been home during the storms for me.



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3 responses to “Morriss Wednesday

  1. I’m glad he’s doing better.

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