Feeling Feverish

Just when I thought I had a day to be home and maybe take an hour and attack the clutter that has become my home since I got sick fifteen years ago, I’m running a FEVER!  Really?  Now to figure out, am I really getting sick or is this just the fibromyalgia acting up because it’s been a stressful few days.  The jury is still out on the verdict of sick with something new or just fibromyalgia.

I’m still spending time monitoring the outside of my home for ant activity and putting out jelly and  borax, peanut butter, honey and borax, or sugar, water and borax.  They are still quite numerous and I’m feeling really weary trying to deal with all this by myself.

I shared my Borax recipes with my neighbors on the one side and even gave them a baggie of Borax to start with.  I called it the ant killing starter kit.  I hope I can get everyone on board and get rid of these nuisances.

To top off the stress, we had a thunderstorm here yesterday afternoon with 60 mph winds, pouring rain, and quarter size hail.  My yard looked like it snowed when the storm finally moved out.  I was terrified when the storm was happening.  It sounded like someone was throwing rocks at my house.  At one point I thought my aluminum siding was ripping off but it was someone’s skirting hitting my house as it flew by and landed across the street.  Wow!   I was standing in my living room screaming and asking God to please protect us and make the storm move on.

So today was far less productive than I had planned because I spent a good majority of it on the couch covered up trying to sweat out the fever.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I didn’t have to be anywhere today.

2.  I didn’t feel well enough to cook dinner, but I had cereal to have for dinner.

3.  I paid most of my bills, I couldn’t pay them all, but at least some are paid.




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3 responses to “Feeling Feverish

  1. I always smile whenever I hear anything about Borax. It pleases me that there are still uses for it.

  2. I hope the fever goes away and you feel better! Please send a reply when you can so I up know how you are doing. I saw those storms on TV that were hitting your area, scary stuff. The weather us finally starting to get better up here, warmer and sine sun which is good for the soul. BTW, I had cereal for supper too. Hugs, Cathy

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