Morriss Mondays



I’m exhausted after taking care of mom last week.  Thankfully she has taken my advice and has been resting more.  By Thursday of last week mom was feeling better so I let her go to the church and walk.  She said she couldn’t do as much as before but that’s ok, she still walked.

The weekend was a little hairy because she was in the sound room Saturday night and Sunday morning at church, but she followed my advice and didn’t go to dinner with her mom and sister.  She needed to rest and nap.

I know most people don’t sleep as much as mom does, but when you’re in pain all the time you need to sleep more because your body can’t restore itself properly because it’s constantly being worn down by the pain.  I hope that makes sense.

So now I can finally get some rest for myself.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  Mom is listening to me and resting more.

2.  Mom lost another pound and that seems to make her happy, so I’m happy too.

3.  Mom takes really great care of me even though I know her finances are tight she always makes sure I have what I like.


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