Morriss Mondays


I was really worried about mom today. She always prays out loud, but today was different. Mom was praying she could feel well enough after eating breakfast to be able to shower, after her shower that she would be able to clean my litter and do the dishes and then she sat on the couch praying she could make it to the church to walk.

She did leave but she was back really quick. She told me she only made four laps today, but she was glad she kept her comittment to herself even if she didn’t meet her goal.

As soon as mom came home from walking she changed into her nightgown and ate half a sandwich before she laid down on the couch with ice on her head. I jumped on her and looked in her face to make sure she was still breathing. Mom was breathing funny and had a bucket next to the couch. She told me she had a really bad headache, had the chills, and was really nauseous.

Even though mom felt horrible today and could barely take care of herself she managed to take care of me. She cleaned my litter, gave me clean water, and fed me a couple times. Mom is awesome.

Oh and by the way, when mom weighed herself this morning she said she lost another 2 pounds. I’m so proud of mom.

Please join my kitty prayers for mom tonight. I don’t want to see mom any sicker than she already is everyday with her pain.

Today I’m grateful for:
1. I have an awesome mom who loves me.
2. I had food and water and clean litter today.
3. Mom seems to be feeling little better.



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10 responses to “Morriss Mondays

  1. lol
    Love these πŸ˜€

  2. Oh wow wonderful concept. And a beautiful gentleman cat too.

  3. Sooo…. Moriss…. I think you are an amazing cat with how you keep a watch out for your mom and then find the time to write about your life as well to us. Although I have been reading several posts from you already I always forgot to hit the follow button, however got that sorted now. I am curious, would it be strange to nominate a cat for an award? and would said cat accept that award? I am sure that when your mom reads what the award is all about she will agree with me that you…Moriss the awesome cat… are more then deserving this token of appreciation.

    That said…. I nominate you, Moriss the awesome cat with the Cloak of Dawn award for being and awesome blogger and a great companion for your mom

    and while I am at it, let me nominate your mom with the Shauny Award as my token of appreciation for her blogs that are always interesting and as encouragement that she may continue to reach her goals or to come as close as possible.

    My friend Shaun would say More Love, Less Hate, My good friend Dr Rex would say We are all one, I just simply say AWOOOOOOOHUGZ πŸ˜‰

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