Camp Update


Camp NanoWrimo started April 1st and I set my goal at 10,000 words for the month.  I’ve only written one day so far and only 652 words.  I was hoping to do so much better than this, but I can’t force myself to feel good so I will just write when I can.

On a good note I’m still sticking with writing down everything I’m eating and I’m losing weight.  I’m also sticking with my two fifteen minute walks. I’ve even downloaded a pedometer app on my phone so I can see how far I’ve actually walked. 

So all in all, even though I’m not accomplishing everything that I wanted to, I’m still sticking with my two major health goals.

I am also writing in my journal every morning and writing in my creative journal most mornings. 

I’m hoping as the weight comes off I’ll gain a bit more energy and be able to work towards some of my other goals.

So for now, one day at a time, one choice at a time. 

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I’m losing weight.
2.  I’m going to bed soon in my nice warm bed with Morriss.
3.  I have food to eat.


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