Amazing Moments

There are some days in life when you are in awe of God.  Yesterday and the day before were two of those days. 

If you’ve known me for any length of time you know I was involved in prison ministry to men and women for over 15 years.  In all those years there was only one young man I stayed in contact with after he left prison and I know his story hasn’t ended yet, but things are not well with him.  I still talk with his sister from time to time and I still pray for him every day. 

And up until now, I’d never heard how any of the other people I had ministered to over the years had turned out.  I just heard from one of the young men in the first anger management class I was a part of.  He is doing fantastic.  His life is going so well and that was such a burst of sunshine to my days. 

He said he opened an envelope he had from the prison and saw a card I had sent to him and decided to look me up on
Facebook.  When I saw the message I recognized the name immediately and was instantly transported back to that classroom 6 years ago.  He would always sit next to the other young man I had stayed in contact with.  They were quite the commical pair at times. 

This young man that just contacted me had no way of knowing how difficult my journey has been this past year or how very much it means to me to know that I made a difference in his life.  We spoke on the phone for almost 7 hours between two phone calls yesterday and he filled me in on what’s been going on in his life and I filled him in on mine and it was so amazing.  To know that I had a small part in this man’s journey out of darkness fills me with awe and wonder that God would even use me.

Today I’m grateful for:
1.  One young man that I managed to reach in 15 years of prison ministry.
2.  The BBQ ribs I made in the crock pot for dinner were amazing.
3.  I had a nice quiet relaxing day.


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