Progress not Perfection

It’s been a successful weight loss week!  I weighed myself on Monday and I lost 5 pounds in one week!  Yay!

I know I can’t expect those results every week, but it was a nice start.

So my plan is working so far.  I’m walking two days a week for 15 minutes and I’m writing down everything I eat and drink and the corresponding points (according to the points plus weight watchers program).  I’ve also started making smoothies.  I’m amazed at just how filling a smoothie is.  And I’m all about simple.  So I will share my favorite recipe with you.


1 1/2 Cups of vanilla almond milk (sweetened)

1/2 Cup of Spinach (fresh or frozen)

1 Cup of blueberries (frozen)

Put in blender, puree until blended and then liquefy.   Enjoy!


I do want to note something I learned while doing research on Almond Milk.  If you have a thyroid issue or any health issue, check with your doctor before using the almond milk.  Almond milk can cause problems in people with thyroid issues and it can cause kidney stones in people susceptible to them.  So always keep your doctor in the loop about changes in your lifestyle.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I’m feeling a little lighter.

2.  I’m enjoying smoothies tremendously.

3.  We didn’t get much snow today.



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4 responses to “Progress not Perfection

  1. That sounds really good. Why almond milk and not the regular kind?

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