Happy Valentine’s Day

Even though I found myself without a significant other for yet another Valentine’s Day, at least I didn’t wallow in self-pity over being alone this year.  There was no time for that.  We had a major nor’easter come up the coast and slam us yesterday and last night.  All in all I think we got close to two feet of snow here where I live.  This is my poor house.

Before the storm


After the storm


My yard


There’s so much snow out there I fear I won’t see my yard until July.    As much as I despise mowing the lawn I think I much prefer that chore to shoveling this white stuff.  At least I know exactly what the lawn entails and how long it will take to complete the task. And I can get out and about even if I don’t cut the grass.

This snow storm they forecasted anything from 8 inches to 2 feet.  The 2 feet is not what I was praying for, I can tell you that.

You can tell when you’ve had enough of the snow when someone says, “Oh it’s so pretty I hope we get slammed with 3 feet of snow.” and you immediately feel rage bubbling up against them.  Most people who say this don’t have a home to worry about or have to go out  in the elements to shovel it.  They let their husbands take care of it.  Well guess what, I have a home that I’m having a hard enough time trying to take care of, a pain ridden body that is now beyond excrutiating, and I have to take care of this stuff myself, and might I add,  I HATE SNOW!!!!!!!  Ok enough venting….

So Valentine’s day was pretty much non-existent in my world once again.  I am thankful for the snow in one respect, I was much too busy and in far too much pain to even care about this love filled stupid holiday that always seems to pass me by, year after lonely year.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  We didn’t lose power or cable during the storm.

2.  My neighbor came over to help me this morning and then we helped two other people.  ( He did far more than I did!)

3.  I went out 4 times yesterday during the storm with snow blowing so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed all at once.  And even though I’m in pain, I know it would have been far worse if I had waited and tried to do it all at once.




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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. (Meekly speaking up) I kind of enjoyed the snow.

    • Ok James, just because I like you I’ll let you slide on that. LOL If you ever want to double your fun in the snow feel free to show up and I’ll help you enjoy the snow. 😉

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