Morriss Mondays



So I guess mom is leaving all the blogging up to me.  Normally I’d be upset about that, but mom has been in so much pain and so stressed I’ll just suck it up and get over my furry self and take care of business.

So when you looked at the picture of me at the top of this blog did you immediately think, “What a spoiled cat?”  Come on, you know you did.

That is the topic of this blog today.  I am going to prove to you that I am not spoiled, I am pampered.  BIG DIFFERENCE!

I started by doing some research in an awesome thesaurus mom got for Christmas from her writing friend.  (I like him, by the way.)

According to the thesaurus:

PAMPER – Serve one’s every need, whim.  baby, caress, cater to, coddle, pet, satisfy

This thesaurus also offers a concept which in this case is:

SERVE – cater, pamper, provide

And now the difference:

SPOIL – baby, indulge, accomodate, cater to, overindulge.

and SERVE  is the same concept.

Ok, I can see the confusion on your face.   So here is my own furry intellectual thoughts on this matter.

Being SPOILED is done when not deserved.  Such as a spoiled brat.  I know you know one.  The child that acts ups and misbehaves and yet is OVERindulged.

I am PAMPERED.  Huge difference between PAMPERED and SPOILED.  I’m handsome and work hard at keeping my fur coat soft for mom to touch.  Even though I hate lovins’ I allow mom to hold me for a limited amount of time.  I’m a good cat and know when mom needs me and sit with her on the couch.  I guard mom in bed all night.  I chase my tail in the mornings because I know mom gets a kick out of that.  In other words I work hard around here.  I deserve the love mom gives me and she deserves the love I give her because she is an awesome mom.

I am a PAMPERED  puss and I love my pink robe.  (spoiled wouldn’t work in that sentence.)

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  Mom loves me and gives me the food I like and keeps my litter nice and clean even though I know she’s hurting really bad.  (I’m thankful someone sent mom a gift card for the grocery store so she could get me some of my favorite food.  That made mom cry.)

2.  Mom is a very strong woman and I know she will do anything possible to keep me safe and well.

3.  Mom’s been opening the blinds in the bedroom in the morning so I can lay in the sun on the bed.  I love mom.



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2 responses to “Morriss Mondays

  1. Yes, Morriss, those words do have very different meanings.

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