Morriss Mondays









I had a wonderful blog prepared for today that I even used a thesaurus for, but I feel the need to give you an update on mom.  I see she hasn’t been blogging much lately.   Her car broke down last week and I know she doesn’t have the money to pay her lot rent now.  So that stress is already on mom and then there’s all the snow we got today.

Today was a really hard, scary, painful day for mom.  As soon as she got out of bed and looked out the window to see snow I could sense her stress level going up.  But as mom always does, she fed me first before she did anything else.  I love mom for that.

After breakfast and a cup of coffee and her journal writing, mom went out for the first time to shovel snow.  She said there was about 5 inches already.  The news was only calling for 2-4, so we were already off to a bad start.

The power flickered on and off a couple times and I could see mom was getting really anxious and scared.  I joined mom in praying that the power wouldn’t go out.

Mom decided to take a quick shower in case we lost power.  After her shower she told me the water wasn’t running right and she called a neighbor to see if his water was running at full strength.  He initially said his water pressure was fine but then called back to say, no it wasn’t.

Mom went out to shovel again and when she came in the water pressure was back to normal, but she had to flush all the lines because the sediment was in the lines.  Apparently a transformer blew which caused the water to shut down and come back on.  So listening to the air come through the water lines, scared me and I could tell mom was getting worried because it was taking longer than normal to flush the lines.  Mom was super stressed at this point and it was only 11:30.  We never had lunch because mom said her stomach was  bothering her.

After the water was under control mom went out to shovel once again.  I watched from the front window.  I could tell mom was struggling and wished that neighbor would come help her again, but he didn’t.  I felt so bad for mom.  I could tell she was in a lot of pain and really having a hard time, but she told me she had to do it because no one would do it for her.

When mom came in she tried to lay down for a bit, but she told me she was in too much pain to sleep or lay still so she decided to try a chicken recipe she found online while she was laying down.   Mom’s amazing, in about 10 minutes she had a wonderful smelling chicken recipe cooking in the oven, and went back out to

SHOVEL MORE SNOW.  I could tell mom was getting really tired and was about ready to cry.  I could hear her praying to God to bring her home because she couldn’t take anymore.  Meanwhile I was sitting in the front window praying my own kitty prayers that God wouldn’t take mom.  I would be lost without mom.  I know no one would love me the way she does.  She just knows what to do for me when I look at her.

Mom enjoyed her chicken and it did smell wonderful.  She gave me some, but I wasn’t in the mood.  I think watching mom and sensing her stress was wearing off on me.  I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day.  I heard there’s two more storms coming this week and I know mom is really tired already so I’m going to ask all of you to pray for me and mom.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  Mom made sure I was fed even though she wasn’t feeling good at all today.

2.  I have a nice warm home.

3.  It’s time to go to bed with mom on my pink robe.




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