Morriss Mondays


I know mom is in a lot of pain so I’ve been keeping my demands to a minimum.  Normally I would cry and insist on more canned food when the bowl is empty but if mom is laying on the couch I just eat the hard food and go to bed. 

I’m hoping it’s just the weather and stress that’s making mom’s pain so bad. I hate seeing her suffer like this.
She got up, got showered, and got dressed yesterday morning for church, but by the time she was ready to go she couldn’t, the fatigue knocked her flat on her back.

We have snow and more brutal cold weather coming tomorrow. I’d appreciate prayers for mom and for the furnace to keep working and for all the water lines and mains here. And especially for moms finances,  I know she’s stressing big time.

Today I’m grateful for:
1. I have a mom that loves me and food and a home.
2. There’s a turkey thawing in the refrigerator. (I saw it! ) mom said she’s going to bake it tomorrow or weds.
3. I love when mom tells me how handsome I am.


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