Dead Netbook

Ever notice things never die at a convenient time? 

I planned to replace my netbook within the next few months because the broadband that was built into it by Verizon died a couple weeks ago.  But unfortunately, it didn’t last that long.  I went on to pay my bills the other day and it took me over a half hour to add a bill.  An error message kept coming up.  I knew it was time to bury my beloved netbook.   I absolutely adored that netbook for the three years that I had it, but it is now time to move on.

So the reason for my lengthy absence:  research, research , research.  Hours and hours I poured over as much information as I could to make a good decision.  I was originally going to just use my phone and forget about a computer, but I realized I really don’t want to pay my bills or my mom’s over the phone.  So….. research, research, research.

God was definitely watching over me.  I found a laptop made by HP on clearance at Best Buy and I have six months no interest, six months no payments and I should be able to pay it off when I get my rent rebate.  No, I really couldn’t afford it, but the conveniences and writing are extremely important to me.

Then I thought I’d be able to just use my hot spot on my phone for internet access, which I can, but it’s blowing through data like no tomorrow.  So…. research, research, research.

The best most economical way to go will be RCN cable internet.  So they’re coming next Wednesday to hook that up for me.  Thankfully they gave me a deal so I’ll still be saving $20 a month.  I expected to save $50, but things didn’t pan out quite the way I expected.

So I’m back.  I have a great new laptop and soon I’ll have cable internet.  In the meantime I may be a bit scarce. 

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  Clearance prices and good deals.

2.  Me and Morriss had food for today.

3.  I set this computer up and put the virus protection and added my printer all by myself.  Feeling pretty smart.  🙂


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