Bad News/Good News

I intended to start writing this post about 7:30, but my computer wouldn’t connect to the internet.  I tried turning it off and on again.  Shutting the internet on and off.  Then I decided to call Verizon’s technical support.

Bad news is, looks like the built in broadband from Verizon in my netbook stopped working.

Good news is, I spoke with a wonderful lady at Verizon and I will be saving money on my next bill because I will be dropping the netbook from my account.   I can still connect to the internet by using my phone as a mobile hotspot.   I have the option of getting a jetpack or mifi, but it’s really not necessary.  I can just use my phone’s hotspot.

I also learned about the Google Chrome Cast that I can use to watch netflix and hulu from my phone onto my tv.  I won’t be doing that yet, but I learned a lot about how it works.

So what looked like bad news has actually saved me $25.00 a month so far.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I had a nice quiet day and took a wonderful nap on the couch.

2.  I made it to church to run the pro presenter, even though I was feeling awful this morning.

3.  I don’t have to be up early tomorrow, so hopefully I can sleep in.



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