Know Your Limits

One lesson I’ve learned over the past fourteen years of having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome is to know my limits.

I need to carefully listen to my body each day and not overdo it to the point where I’m bedridden.  I think I’ve learned that pretty well.

As for driving in the snow.  I’ve stopped doing that at all since I’ve moved to where I live now.  Partly because my car is so light and the hills are so big.  But mostly because I know my pain level makes my reflexes slower than they need to be for hazardous conditions.  And when I get stressed my pain level increases, and when my pain level increases my concentration gets replaced by overwhelming fatigue and  brain fog.  Not a great combination for driving in the snow.

All that said, I had to cancel my plans tonight to go out with my friend and her family for Christmas Eve because they were calling for snow showers.  I felt awful cancelling because I had to cancel last year for the same reason.  I know they think I’m crazy, but I have to do what’s best for me.  I don’t want to put myself and others in danger on the roads.

I had a pity party for just a moment because I’m alone on Christmas Eve, but I turned that around and decided to enjoy my day with Morriss.  I put on the infared heater (that saves on heat but raises your electric bill sky high) that throws the most bone warming heat I’ve ever felt and took a much needed nap on the couch.  Then I had a sandwich for dinner.  And afterward I cleaned and froze the grapes I bought yesterday and cut up the strawberries.  And now I’m ending my night watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” before going to bed and reading a bit.  All in all a nice quiet day.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  I made a wise decision to stay home.

2.  I rested well this afternoon.

3.  I decided not to dwell on being alone and instead made the best of my day.


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