Feeling Awful

Today was a horrible day. I was in horrendous pain all night long from shoveling yesterday and barely slept.

When I got up I realized I need to get out to get gallons of water to drink and make coffee with. Ugghhh! Since it’s been about three months of refilling the old gallon jugs I decided to just go to Redner’s and buy water so I can have new jugs to refill.

We also have another 2-4 inches of snow coming in tomorrow. Which meant I had to buy more rock salt because my 25 pound bag is in the shed and I can’t get to the shed because of the ice and snow from the last storm. UGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I hate being alone to deal with all this! I’m tired.

Add the lovely young man from across the street deciding he wanted to park his Blazer in the spot next to my house in the neighbors driveway and instead of shoveling he just kept revving the hell out of it and going back and forth and back and forth spinning his tires on and off all day. I’m about ready to lose my grip and shove a shovel up his behind and tell him to USE IT!!!

Yes, I’d say it’s been a VERY BAD day here at trailer park heaven. It’s days like this that I can’t wait to be able to sell this house and move somewhere else. Although I’m sure I’d end up with just as much aggravation no matter where I went. So for today I just need to suck it up and get over it and hope and pray that I can sleep tonight. And get ready for more snow tomorrow.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have a washer and dryer in my home to do laundry.

2. I have food for today.

3. I have water to drink.


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