Snow and Ice

I am in tremendous pain and poor Mitsi is outside freezing her hub caps off. At least she’s not encased in snow and ice anymore.


This morning when I tried to open my front door I couldn’t open it more than about eighteen inches because my porch was covered with about 3 inches of ice. Ugghh!

We had about 4.5 inches of snow where I live, but we had so much freezing rain and sleet on top of the snow that I had to use the ice chopper to break it up before I could actually shovel. What normally takes me twenty minutes to shovel took me almost two hours today.

Thankfully when I got to the really icy pile of snow in front of my car that was left behind by the plow, the neighbor across the street came over to help me. I was so grateful, I came in and filled up a big ziploc baggie of chocolate chip cookies that I baked last night for him and his family. He also had to help me get Mitsi out of my driveway because she was sitting and spinning. Extremely cute car, but pretty much useless in the snow. The funny thing is, my mom’s looks just like it, but it’s a year older and a lot heavier.

So I never made it to church this morning. And I’m so thankful that I told the sound team scheduler I wouldn’t be there tonight to run the lyrics if we had snow. Thankfully she scheduled someone else.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I can get out if I need to, thanks to the neighbor helping me.

2. I had leftovers for dinner.

3. I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow so I can recuperate from today.


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