The Journey


I made it to church for the early service this morning. I wanted to make sure I got there before the snow started. And snowing it is. But I plan on baking cookies after I finish writing this blog so the snow won’t be bothering me.

Pastor Scott gave the message this morning and it was amazing. There were many points that I wrote down to look at and ponder later, but one has really stuck with me all day.

“God’s greatest work usually starts with a journey we didn’t want to take.” Pastor Scott Weldon

How on target that one simple sentence is to my life. I didn’t want three aneurysms, I didn’t want my kidney removed six months later, I didn’t want fibromyalgia and chronic pain for the rest of my life, I didn’t want a total hysterectomy, and I certainly don’t want to be single all my life.

But…I’ve learned a lot about suffering and how to know when people are really being sincere or just trying to hurt me and use me. I’ve learned to have compassion on others. I’ve learned we all have very different journeys, even if we have similar problems. I’ve learned to give people the freedom to be who they are and draw boundaries for those who don’t have my best interests in mind.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The journey.

2. Morriss and I have a warm home to be in on this snowy night.

3. I have what I need to bake cookies.


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