Have to

Even though I still didn’t feel great or even good for that matter there were things I had to do today. One thing brought me great joy. A friend from church had extra cookie ingredients and had them waiting for me at the church today. I left there feeling better mentally even though physically my body was still shivering and aching.

Those cookie ingredients are what Christmas means to me. To be able to bless people in my life – that’s what makes my life better. To be able to randomly hand out small bags of cookies when I’m out and about doing my every day life. That is Christmas to me. To bless others with some home-made cookies.

I took a two-hour nap after a small lunch and was shivering a little. But I had to get up.

The other thing I had to do today – go to the wholesale club with my girlfriend’s husband. I can’t afford a membership so I go with him. I needed my medication that has gone over the counter and increased ridiculously in price. The prices are so much better at the wholesale club. I still needed vanilla and sugar for my baking and the wholesale club came through. A ten pound bag of sugar for $3.99! And a 16 oz bottle of vanilla for $8! Now I’m set to begin baking.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I will be able to bake my cookies.

2. I feel a bit better.

3. I have my medicine that I need.


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