Awful Day

Today was an absolutely awful day. When I woke up I had a slight headache and didn’t feel quite right, but with fibromyalgia that’s pretty much a normal morning. As I went about my morning routine of feeding Morriss, making coffee, having cereal, taking meds, taking a shower I realized it wasn’t going to be a good day.

By lunchtime I had chills and was feeling nauseous. Now I began to wonder if I was getting sick or if it was just the fibro kicking my butt from doing too much yesterday. Fibromyalgia can present itself as many different symptoms. For me the flu is the easiest way to describe how I feel most everyday. If you’ve ever had the flu you will know how I feel every day of my life. Either way, whether I am actually getting sick or just suffering a flare up, I knew my plans for the day were completely cancelled and I was going to be on the couch with the TV watching me.

It was a relatively warm day outside (in the 50’s) and yet I just couldn’t get warm. I had two blanket on and set the heat up to 70 and I was still shivering. My pain level was through the roof. I prayed that God would just bring me home, I’m so very tired of fighting and feeling awful everyday. But I’m still here.

Since I’m alone I had to get up off the couch and make dinner. I made chicken on the George Foreman Grill, a salad, applesauce, and a can of ginger ale (I never drink soda except when I feel like this). Moments like this I wish someone was here to love on me, make me dinner and let me rest. But that’s not to be. So I just have to keep struggling through one more day.

I felt slightly better after dinner. Then I made a cup of Lipton Black Tea. I don’t seem to have the chills like I had earlier, but I feel like I’ve been drug behind a tractor-trailer down the highway at eighty miles per hour.

God I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Looks like I might be able to bake my cookies.

2. I have propane and could turn the heat up this afternoon when I was having those awful chills.

3. I managed to make a good healthy dinner even though I didn’t feel like it.



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8 responses to “Awful Day

  1. Hi Linda, I have just picked up your blog via the Facebook WordPress share and so I thought I would pop over and have a look. Your post here made my heart bleed and I just wanted to hop on over and give you a cuddle and make you honey and lemon tea! I am sorry that you have it so rough and I can only imagine what it must be like every day. I shall definitely follow your blog now and hope that today is better than yesterday for you. Jade x

  2. I always feel kinda bad clicking the “like” button for these posts, but you know what I mean. I don’t “like” that you’re in pain. I like that you have to courage to keep going and keep writing despite it.

  3. Linda, I feel the same as Jade does. Would love to come by and make you a nice cup of tea and a hug. You see I too am alone dealing with my health challenges, however I am lucky I gave a few good friends that can drop by. I am getting better at asking for help, but I have spent more time alone than not on my own very sick, and it is no fun at all. It is very challenging to say the least. Keep up the blogging. You can find me at CATSHIELDS – Before and After. Hope it helps you not feel so alone. Gentle hugs, Cathy xo

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