I feel like I’ve been slightly productive already this morning. Even in my brain fog haze I managed to balance my checkbook. To my dismay another statement will be in the mail in a few days. Where in the world did the weeks go since I got that in that in the mail?

I used to love balancing my bank statement. (Yeah I know, I’m a special kind of weird. A writer that loves math.) But these days the brain fog makes everything so horribly difficult.

Thankfully the statement balanced on the first try so I didn’t have to go hunting for transposed numbers or addition and subtraction errors. Praise God!

I need to catch up on my word count goal later today. But the first order of business after my shower is the last pharmacy on my list to see if I can get my meds.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. My checking account is balanced and my bills are paid.

2. Me and Morriss have food for today.

3. Morriss and I have a roof over our heads and heat for today.


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  1. There’s nothing wrong with being a writer who loves math. Math can contribute it’s own unique vocabulary to our writing.

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