Prescription Nightmare

Today I decided to take care of a menial task because my brain was too foggy to do anything of substance. So fill prescriptions was my task for today. Off to my local CVS that I have been dealing with for the past year. For the most part they have been decent to deal with, but today is the second time I was completely disregarded and disrespected.

What happened, you wonder. Well, I filled five different prescriptions (three of which I don’t take everyday). When I got to the car something told me to make sure everything was correct. My pain meds weren’t there. Instead there was a med I had never seen before. I thought maybe they gave me someone else’s medicine, so I rushed back in and showed the lady.

She very snidely said, “THAT is the generic for your prescription.”

To which I responded, “I’ve never gotten that before and I’ve been filling this here for over a year?”

“Well we’re out of the one you normally get so we filled it with this.” she explained.

I told her I have issues with allergies and asked if I could please see a list of the inactive ingredients. Now I could tell she was irritated. When she came back with the leaflet that comes with the medication I explained that even when zyrtec went over the counter I went into anaphylactic shock from an inactive ingredient. She seemed quite disinterested and unconcerned as she told me to move out-of-the-way to read the leaflet because another customer was waiting to drop off a prescription. I asked her where the ingredients were listed and she said, “I don’t know that they are.”

What?!? I couldn’t help myself I handed it back to her and said a word I probably should not have. But by now the menopausal emotions are churning and I’m not sure whether I’m going to cry or go into a rage. So I took the bottle over to where I checked out and asked if I could wait for the brand I normally get to come in.

The other woman flew over and said, “YOU CAN, BUT WE MAY NOT BE GETTING IT BACK IN! IT’S THE SAME MEDICATION!”

“No it’s not,” I argued, “it’s a different manufacturer.” Once again I tried to explain my strange and complicated allergies. Now she suggested I just take the prescription back and take it elsewhere.

WOW! So off I went to Rite Aid where they were nice enough to see if they could find the ingredients because they too had a different manufacturer than what I’m used to. They gave me the name of the company so I could come home and research it and then suggested another pharmacy that may be able to get the manufacturer I’m used to, but cautioned me that they may not be making it anymore. Uggghhh!

By the time I came home over two hours later I didn’t know if I wanted to cry, rage, scream, sleep, eat or what. I still feel all out of sorts. My brain is a mushy mess of fog and I can’t figure out what to do next. So I will try again another day to deal with the prescription nightmare.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have food for me and Morriss for today.

2. We didn’t get those storms they were calling for.

3. Even though I did say an inappropriate couple of words at least I didn’t go into a complete menopausal rage.


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