Car Repair

Last Friday my car phone charger exploded in the charging port and both charging ports stopped working. I was afraid I would have to buy a new FM Modulator to play the music from my phone through my car speakers. And I was also worried that the problem was bigger than just a fuse.

I’m so glad I took it to my mechanic to figure out. The fuse boxes don’t look like they did years ago and the fuse didn’t even look blown. I would have never known. Even the book didn’t tell you what fuses were where.

Thankfully, after searching through the two fuse boxes with his tester that beeped when he ran it over the good fuses, he found the bad one, replaced it and both of the charging ports worked again. And my FM Modulator still worked.

After topping the radiator off with antifreeze the car was all ready to go. Now the best part, only $10! I’m so blessed by my mechanic. Thank you God. Bless him greatly today.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I could listen to my favorite music in my car through the FM Modulator today.

2. Marv, my mechanic, fixed my car quickly and cheaply.

3. Even though I’m in pain and tired right now it was a decent day.


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