Bad Feet

I felt really weird all day. Foggy brained to the point where I felt like I was just watching myself do the things I needed to do today. I hate when I feel that way. Especially when I have to drive. It takes more concentration than ever and I just can’t wait to get myself back home. Thankfully I made it safely. I even remembered to ask the foot doctor about the surgery for my toes on my left foot.

My left foot has been bothering me more and more every year. Trying to find shoes that don’t bother me has been a real challenge. The few people who have been in my house wonder why I have so many shoes, well I have really bad problems with my feet and what I can wear today I may not be able to wear tomorrow. It’s really irritating.

The doctor gave me some good news. I would be able to walk out of the hospital wearing a surgical boot. The bad news is I can’t afford it. Medicare won’t cover all the costs and I would be responsible for 20% of the doctors fees. Which there is no way I can pay. So as bad as my feet are and as painful as it is to walk it’s just going to have to wait for now. I do have one pair of shoes that doesn’t bother me too bad.

Sadly most of these problems with my feet came from wearing high heels when I was in my twenties. They destroyed my feet. If I had only known then what I know now.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I made it home safe.

2. I had a decent dinner.

3. Morriss is sleeping so peacefully next to me on the couch.


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