I think I finally made a decision on my new medicare prescription insurance. It’s amazing to me how every year each provider changes so much. You really have to be aware that just because you had a great deal last year that isn’t necessarily going to carry into the new year.

I have very few prescriptions. Most of my meds went over the counter and more than tripled in cost. But the few prescriptions I do take I don’t want to pay a fortune for on top of the monthly premium. My pain med and muscle relaxer are the two that the insurance companies like to change tiers on every year.

For example: this year I had SilverScript and I really liked them, my pain med cost me $0 and my monthly premium was $29.10. Next year the premium is going up to $33.10 and my pain med is $45.00 a month. Time to switch. So I will be switching to WellCare this year. My pain med will be $8 a month if filled at CVS and $0 if filled at KMart (which is kind of out-of-the-way).

So anyway that’s on my list of things to do for today. Sign up for the prescription insurance.

I really need to make some decisions about my living situation too. I’m really not sure what other options I have but I need to brainstorm and figure something out because I just can’t afford to stay here much longer. The whole problem is, no one will pay me what I still owe on this house. I feel like I’m stuck in a no win situation.

The only thing left to cut is cable and all I have is the very basic cable. I haven’t had my hair cut in over a year. I no longer have a home phone. I only drive to go to church, doctor, and grocery store. I know I need to stop dwelling on things I can’t change, but I really thought he would be here to help me and instead he threw me away. So on top of my financial stress I can work on mending my seriously broken heart.

I just know my $16 a month food stamps are gone. They’re due to be on my card on November 14th, but I just know they won’t be there. Even though it wasn’t much it did help a little.

Yes, I’m overwhelmed. I feel like my brain is whirling. Too many things to try to figure out. Being in pain all the time and the fog in my brain makes everything so much more difficult. I’m tired and the day has just begun. I need a nap.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have a roof over my head for today.

2. I have food for today.

3. I found a prescription plan that looks pretty decent.


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