Irritating Day

I’m overwhelmed once again financially. I got in my car today to run a couple of errands and when I plugged my phone into the car charger nothing was happening. So while the car was warming up I pulled the car charger out of the port and the inside was in pieces and I had to dig them out of the hole. I looked at the end of it and it looked like it exploded. What in the world?

I drove up to my mail box and realized my fm modulator that I play music from my phone through my car speakers wasn’t working either. My CD player died a long time ago and this is the little entertainment I get when I can listen to my favorite music in my car. Uggghhh!

I stopped by my mechanic to show him the charger and ask if he had a way to check the ports. He said we really need to check the fuses and figure out what made it surge in the first place. So next Wednesday I take it in for that.

I was going to pay my past due electric bill today, but I don’t know how much the car will be and I need to take care of the car. The bills just keep piling up and I have no idea how in the world I’m going to pay them. My taxes for my house are past due, my electric is past due, my mortgage is past due, and next month will be the AAA renewal and all kinds of other bills. Ugghhh!

So I had a thought today.

If you’re reading this blog and enjoy the content and would like to receive a present in the mail for Christmas just go to and donate $25.00 or more and I’ll send you a present in the mail.
My paypal id is

I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up on my bills and be able to continue feeding me and Morriss.

If you can help I’ll say thank you in advance.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The car didn’t catch fire when the surge went through the charger.

2. I have water to drink. I filled up 8 gallons today.

3. The car is running.


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