Not Near Ready

Well NanoWrimo begins today. I’m not ready. But I will begin later. This morning is filled with an appointment with my mom so I can’t start now.

I have a couple of ideas of how I want to attack this challenge but I’m not sure which one I’ll go with or if I’ll do a little of each. I’ve thought about strictly using writing prompts each day and see what emerges. I also thought about working through a book that helps you lay out your book. And then there’s my method from the past two years, just sit down and write and see what emerges.

I’ll figure that out later. For now I need to get moving.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The storm that came through this morning didn’t knock out the power.

2. I slept ok last night. (Never more than 2 hours at a clip, but at least I was able to go back to sleep within a half hour when I woke up)

3. I will be starting my novel later.


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