Why Forgive?

Why Forgive?

Because God forgives me so much every single day!

Because if I don’t I’m only hurting myself. I’ve heard ministers say, “Unforgiveness is like setting yourself on fire hoping it will burn the other person.”

So when the friend request popped up on my Facebook page from the fiance of the man who left me on the garbage pile last year, when he met her, I took a long hard look at it and thought very carefully before pressing accept. Well, by days end she had deleted me from her friends list?!!?

Now these two people have caused me so much grief and hurt that I didn’t deserve. He treated me like a piece of garbage when he met her and wouldn’t even be honest with me. She was texting me at 2:00 am wanting to know who I was and why I was talking to her boyfriend and she was pregnant and he’s done this before. Blah, Blah, Blah!!! None of which did I initiate or get involved in.

So now she wants to friend me on Facebook. I thought well maybe they’re ready to make amends and realize I was a good friend and never deserved to be treated so badly. Silly me I should have known better. They obviously are meant for each other with the games they are playing. But I gave them both the benefit of the doubt.

From here on out I will not give a chance. I have forgiven them both for my own benefit. But I will not allow them to disrupt my world ever again. I’ve let him know what his fiance did and the two of them can figure out their problems. Because neither one of them are my problem and I praise God for that.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I may be alone and lonely at times but at least I don’t have someone doing nonsense like this behind my back.

2. I have another relaxing day at home.

3. I have been forgiven much and therefore choose to forgive.



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2 responses to “Why Forgive?

  1. I love the quote about setting yourself on fire to hurt someone else. That is really something to think about
    YOu can help a lot of people with Wisdom from your experiences.

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