One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I was at my friend’s house waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit.

Morriss and I evacuated our mobile home and opted for a brick house to ride out the storm. My friends were so kind to put us up in a room in their home.

I remember taking as much as I could out of my home that was important. Packing my Mitsubishi to the roof. Praying I’d have a home to come back to. It was very emotional walking away from my home. I was glad I had a place for me and Morriss to go, but part of me wanted to stay and ride it out, but logically that wasn’t a great idea because at the height of the storm if something happened I’d be here alone.

I wrote this right after the hurricane:
The hurricane neared under a full moon. All the newscasters and meteorologists were calling it “the perfect storm” and “Frankenstorm” because it was coming just days before Halloween.

As the 80 mph wind gusts pummeled the area I lay in a strange bed at a friend’s house clutching my Bible tightly to my chest while praying for my neighbors in the mobile home park that I left behind. Holding a flashlight in my left hand, off, but ready just in case I needed it.

Praying my home was safe. Praying that my power wouldn’t go out. Praying for my mom and sister, my friends, and even my brother and his wife. Praying the storm would leave quickly.

The night Hurricane Sandy hit the winds were beyond anything I’d ever witnessed here. There were blue flashes of lights all around as the winds caused electrical transformers to blow and electricity to go out. Leaving many in the dark for days or weeks.

As the storm left and everyone assessed their damage I for one felt very blessed and fortunate. I had a home to come back to. I had power at my home. In fact my neighbor told me they never lost power here even during the storm. (My friends were out of power for 4 days.) Me and Morriss were safe. My skirting was damaged and some shingles came off my roof, but my home was ok.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. We’re not have a storm like we were last year at this time.

2. I had a rough morning feeling abandoned and alone, but I pulled myself up and took a shower and put on a dress, for me.

3. I didn’t have to be anywhere today.


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