And So…

I could have slept in this morning, BUT I woke up in pain at 5:00 am. Ugh! I tried my best to go back to sleep, but by 6:00 am I realized that wasn’t happening and decided to get up and hopefully take a nap later.

In all fairness I did pass out pretty early last night. I think before 9:30 pm. I drank a cup of Celestial Seasonings Children’s Grape Sleepytime Tea and drifted off.

The problem is I never sleep straight through the night. I’m up and down all night going to the bathroom. So if I get three hours uninterrupted sleep I feel like a million bucks. Oh how I wish I would have taken advantage of all those hours I could have slept when I was younger.

Thankfully today is a quiet day, I hope. I want to go and fill up my water jugs, but other than laundry I don’t intend to do anything else, but maybe work on some ideas for the upcoming NanoWrimo.

I’m astounded how very quickly October has flown by and how I didn’t get anything ready like I planned for November and National Novel Writing Month. My life just isn’t conducive to planning things other than doctor appointments. My body is the master of my life with its overwhelming pain, fatigue, confusion, rage, and fog. I guess I’m lucky I can get anything done these days.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. It’s a slow day with no real plans.

2. I have food for today.

3. I’m not feeling as full of rage this morning as yesterday.


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