New Knees

It’s been a long day. I had to be up early to pick up my mom and take her to see Dr. Weiss, an orthopedic surgeon. He took xrays of her knees and she needs total replacements in both. Her left knee is the worst. Both are bone on bone, but the left she’s wearing down her weight bearing bone it’s so bad. They left it up to her to schedule so I wonder if she’ll ever follow through and actually do it.

I know knee replacements are in my not too distant future too. I had knee surgery when I was 27 years old to scrape the arthritis off the back of my right knee cap because my knee kept going out of place and got stuck because there were pieces of bone floating in my knee.

I’m so tired and in so much pain right now that’s all I can think to write.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I really liked Dr. Weiss. If mom decides to to this surgery I think she’ll be in good hands.

2. I can sleep in tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to sleep.

3. My mechanic was so nice to put air in my tires for me yesterday because I just didn’t feel good enough to go and do that.



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4 responses to “New Knees

  1. Joan Zachary

    Dr. Weiss IS great! He did my knee a year ago. Your mom WILL be in good hands (especially if she commits to the physical therapy afterward). If she has questions or needs a nudge in the right direction, let me know.

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