Productive Lazy Day

Today felt like a lost day even though I was fairly productive. I went outside to take garbage out and spray around my house for ants. Looks like I may need the exterminator to come back in the spring. Hopefully for now it will get cold and that will be the end of them for a few months.

I managed to write two article ideas out to send to my critique partner for our meeting next week. Normally you query magazines first and then write the article, but I wanted to be sure I had article worthy material before I write query letters.

This morning at 3:00 am I was awake writing in my notebook. When I got up at 7:30 and read it, I realized I now have two scenes for my novel I will be writing for NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) during November. It seems each day that goes by little things are coming together and becoming a little clearer about this art of writing. Unfortunately then the fibrofog and menopause fog roll in and I forget everything. LOL! Hopefully when I’m through with this time in my life things will all come together and be clearer.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I sent my critique partner some stuff to look at.

2. I didn’t have to be anywhere today.

3. A kind lady sent me some money through paypal so I can pay my electric bill and buy some food.


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