I had a horrible night trying to sleep last night and today I needed to fill out my portion of my long-term disability paperwork for their review process. It took me all day to do this. Not because there are so many pages, but because I just can’t think straight these days. My mind is all foggy and confused and it makes it hard to concentrate on anything.

But I got my portion done. Now I need my doctor to fill out his part on Friday when I see him. He has three pages this time compared to the one page before. I don’t know what that’s all about, but whatever. Please God let him have the time to fill them out. Once his office staff filled them out and they messed everything up and I almost lost my benefits. Agghh!! The stress of being on disability.

People think this is such a nice easy life. Think again. I have more stress now than ever. And trying to keep everything straight when you feel so terrible is very difficult.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The nap I had this afternoon.

2. I got my portion of my paperwork filled out.

3. I didn’t have to be anywhere today.


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