Unclogging a Toilet

If God can part the Red Sea surely He can unclog a toilet. Right?!?

Today was yet another stressful day in my world. Will I ever get a break? Doesn’t seem like it.

But I’ve learned a few things about unclogging a toilet that I would have never known had this not happened today.

So it all started when I flushed this morning and the water came up instead of going down. UH-OH! Plunge, plunge, plunge. Oh dear it’s not going down. I have a blister on my hand from plunging for so long. Now panic began to set in. The only toilet in the house. No money to pay anyone to help me. What in the world am I going to do? Please God help me!

Lightbulb moment! Google it! Ok, a couple of new ideas. Try filling a bucket with hot water and holding it as high up in the air as possible and pour into the toilet. This didn’t sound like a great idea considering it just took me over an hour to get the last water in the bowl to go down, but here goes nothing. Surprise, surprise it actually did help and helped the water to go down a bit faster, but something was still going on in there. Six buckets and not much difference, but at least the water is going down.

What next? I watched videos on YouTube about using dish liquid and hot water, but I didn’t like that idea much. The suds didn’t look like a great idea.

Baking soda, vinegar, and hot water sounded appealing, but I remember when I used that to clear my tub drain and it sounded like something blew up under my house. That would be a last resort.

Enzymes. hmmm… Went to Home Depot and a really nice man helped me to pick out a product to help. If this doesn’t solve the problem then an auger or snake will be necessary. That’s when I will call the plumber. So that’s the plan for tonight. I need to put 4 ounces of this stuff down the toilet, flush once and then don’t flush for 6-8 hours. So we’ll see tomorrow.

Meanwhile, when I came home from Home Depot I saw the neighbor outside with her dog so I went over to say hi. I noticed she had really wet muddy ground by their back steps which is right across from my bathroom. There were a lot of flies around. She said it never dries. hmmmmm I wonder if there’s something going on with the sewage pipe? I told her what had happened with my toilet this morning and told her what my suspicions were. Because my toilet NEVER clogs. My plunger is usually full of dust because I never need to use it. So I asked her if she was going to call the office and she was hesitant because of her mother. So I called the office in front of her to leave a message to let them know that I think something is going on. The waiting game begins. I wonder if my yard will be torn up again. Sigh.

So one moment at the time. Enzymes tonight. I will call the office again tomorrow if necessary. And we’ll go from there.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A good experience at Home Depot. The nice man who helped me to pick out the enzymes I needed.

2. With the toilet crisis I didn’t have time to dwell on my broken heart.

3. Even with all the commotion and chaos of today I’m still keeping my committment to blog everyday.

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