Casting Crowns Concert

WOW! I’m so excited, I finally got to see Casting Crowns in concert thanks to my girlfriend and her husband blessing me with a ticket.

Last night was the night. The stage was set up like a living room and they were all dressed very casual. They shared how the band got started and played a lot of music. They are the one Christian band I’ve always wanted to see because their music has a message that speaks to me personally.

The lead singer and writer of their music, Mark Hall, is a youth pastor and he teaches through his music. How I’d love to be a part of that youth group.

What a great group of talented individuals. And even though they have become this awesome band they still go home and give back to their local church. I love it.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I finally got to see Casting Crowns in concert.

2. Even though I got very little sleep last night I managed to get to church on time to run cameras.

3. I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow so I can sleep in. (I hope)



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3 responses to “Casting Crowns Concert

  1. Wow, I’m extremely jealous! Very glad you enjoyed it though. I’m sure that’s a natural high that won’t go away quickly : )

    • I so needed that pick me up. If you ever get the chance go see them they were awesome! I’ve been wanting to see them for years.

      • Me too. I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity one day, and I’m very glad you finally did. I’m sure you’ll be letting your “Life Song” sing for a while as a result : )

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