Dreams and Plans for Today

I have big hopes and dreams for today. I want to throw something in the crock pot to cook today so I will have something for dinner tomorrow night. It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow and anything I can do today to prepare will help me through tomorrow.

Other plans for today:
-I need to work on my paper work for my long-term disability insurance company. That requires concentration so I’m not sure if my brain will cooperate or not.
-I’d love to go for a walk down by the river or even sit on a bench, but it’s going to be in the 80’s so that means I’ll break out in hives so that’s just a dream.
-I need to take my final exam for my online fiction class.
-There are a couple of things I want to write about.
-I’d love to do some de-cluttering and cleaning, but the way my body feels right now that will be an impossibility.

So many dreams and plans and I’ll probably end up on the couch completely fatigued by 1:00 pm. Uggghhhh!!!!! I am so tired of this chronic pain. I’m so tired of the control it has over my life. Fourteen years is too long for anyone to suffer like this. I try to stay positive and act happy when I’m around people but that’s getting harder and harder and so I spend more and more time alone these days. It’s sad, really.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have food for today.

2. I still want to do things. So at least I haven’t lost my “want to”.

3. This life is only temporary.


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