Ant Ridden Fence

Well it’s official, my neighbor is no longer speaking to me. He wanted to put his two foot section of ant ridden fence back up and I told him to throw it out! It wasn’t keeping anyone out of his yard anyway. It was all rotted and dilapidated and ANT RIDDEN! That’s where my ants were coming from.

When I went to the office to pay my lot rent today he was there, and high tailed it out of there as soon as he saw me. The manager asked what the fight was about. I told here there wasn’t a fight I just told him to throw the ant ridden fence away because I’m tired of spending $35.00 a month on an exterminator because of his fence.

From what I gather he was complaining to the people in the office that he wanted them to put the fence back up. I guess the maintenance guy told him, he’d come and put it back up but he’d have to inspect it first and if it was rotted he wouldn’t be able to and then that might start an inspection of his house. So I guess he finally let the fence thing go. He probably thinks I said something to the people in the office about the fence, but I didn’t until after he had left and I told her what I said to him.

I am so very thankful they’re not putting that fence back up. If he does I will have to say something. I hate to be that way, but I’m so tired of fighting ants and to know they were coming from that stupid fence infuriates me.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. My lot rent is paid for another month.

2. The office didn’t give in to the neighbors demands and put his ant ridden fence back up.

3. I had BBQ ribs left over for dinner.


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