Being Flexible

I’ve had a lot of practice at being flexible since I’ve been disabled for 14 years. I’m still not perfect at it and have a long way to go, but I roll with things a little better today than I did 14 years ago.

I was going to go to the 10:45 service at church today allowing me to sleep until 7:30. But the body woke up at 5:30, soooooo I changed things up and went to the 9:00 service.

I was going to spend tonight working on my homework and reading, but a lady from church called Friday and asked if I would run cameras for the ordination service tonight. Apparently they want the best people on and a couple of people recommended me. LOL I find that hysterical because I am so technicalogically challenged. But I consider it an honor to be asked for such an important event. I just try my best and people have noticed and want me there. Very flattering.

Right now the laundry is going and it is soon to be nap time as soon as the wash goes into the dryer.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. An excellent service at Bethany Wesleyan Church this morning.

2. I’m learning to be more flexible with my plans.

3. The people in leadership and the sound room at church appreciate me.


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