My Plan For Today

My plan for today is to catch up on homework. Now will my plan work has yet to be seen.

These past couple of weeks I’ve had a plan and all kinds of things interrupted my plan and caused a whirlwind of chaos and busyness. And then when the whirlwind would subside for a few minutes I was in too much pain and too fatigued to think.

Today I’m hoping to read my lessons that I’m behind on, take my quizzes, and do my homework and post it to the website. Since I made a good dinner yesterday I have leftovers today so I don’t need to worry about cooking.

This should be doable.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. What appears to be a quiet day.

2. A goal to work towards today.

3. Leftovers for dinner.

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Any and all help is greatly appreciated, I’m really struggling here and behind on a lot of bills.


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