Law School Personal Statement

I spent the afternoon helping my son (actually my friend’s son, but since I didn’t have one of my own I’ve borrowed him over the years) work on his personal statement for his law school application.

This 2-3 pages, 6-10 paragraphs, double-spaced, one inch margins, 12 point font statement weighs heavily on acceptance to law school. Top Law Schools. com says, “This is a difficult genre that requires several drafts.”

I personally think it will require MANY drafts.

Basically these law schools are looking for well-rounded individuals and they want this personal statement to be a persuasive essay that shows the person’s character on paper. They don’t want a wordy explanation of their qualifications from their resume and application. They want to see emotion and competence, attributes and accomplishments, transparency and feelings. This is helping me and challenging my writing skills as well as my sons.

Even though he did all the writing I asked him questions and helped him to narrow down his theme by pin pointing areas that fit into the criteria for the personal statement. I sent him home with a list of questions and directions on how to set a timer and free write whatever comes to mind. It’s always good to have way too much and then be able to pick and choose and cut what doesn’t work.

It was really nice to sit with my son and work with him on something so very important in his life. I’m so glad I started this writing journey, not only for me, but to be able to help others as well.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A nice afternoon working with my son.

2. I learned something new about personal statements for law school.

3. It was a beautiful day out today, even though I wasn’t out much.


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