You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Welcome to the IRS !

Not the words that greeted my friend and I as we went to the IRS office in Bethlehem, PA today to ask for some assistance for a problem he was having.

Our first encounter was with a security guard that was doing his very best to ignore us and pretend he didn’t hear my friend yelling, “Excuse Me!” After the third time yelling and walking a little faster to catch up with him, he finally turned around and my friend asked where the IRS office was. He told us it was on the second floor but they were closed for lunch until 1:30. It was 12:35 when we got there. UGGHHH!

So we went upstairs to find the office and wait in the waiting area until they opened up again. There was a sign on the door “Closed from 12:30 – 1:30 for lunch”.

We were first in line. Not that it really mattered for the help we received.

When they opened there was the guard we asked for assistance when we first came in. So his job was to keep the peace I guess. After the treatment we received I can see why they had him there.

We were called to the window and my friend explained that when he won his social security disability case he received back pay and the IRS was trying to tell him he owes over $3,000 in taxes, but that’s not right because his Long Term Disability Insurance provider took what was owed to them right out of his checking account.

Super IRS Genius told us we needed to go to Social Security and have them adjust the 1099. I said no, the IRS has a form specifically for this because I went through this a few years back. He said he didn’t know what the form was and got up from his desk and brought back an IRS booklet and put it in front of me. I assumed he was looking for information so I started looking through the booklet and then I realized he was making copies and doing busy work while I looked for the answer. I looked at my friend and said, “He’s got me doing his job for him!?!” I found a basic answer in the book, but it only pertained to the perfect situations that never exist in the real world of taxes and explained again to the Super Genius that the IRS has a form for this. Can he please check on it.

No, he can’t check on it, he doesn’t know which form it is. I asked if he could call someone and find out. No, he can’t. I asked if he was capable of doing anything. No, he’s not. And he handed my friend two bookmarks with the IRS 800 numbers on them and told him he could call. Or check with his tax preparer, or have Social Security amend his 1099, or have his long-term disability insurance carrier amend their w-2, but he could do nothing!

The best part is only him and the security guard were in the office so there was no one else to speak with. So basically I did his job for him while he putzed around doing busy work and when I found a partial answer he just put it all back on us to figure out. WOW!!!!
Now that’s our tax dollars and government at work!!!

I really don’t know why I’m surprised, but I am. I am in awe of how incredibly stupid our government employees can be. Or maybe it’s sly as a fox, because this way he doesn’t have to do any real work. He handed us the booklet what more do you want?

So now I need to see if I still have my tax return with that form so I can tell my friend what number form it is. Wow!!!! I guess I should get a job with the IRS, I’m far more capable than they are apparently.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The brand new Nicholas Sparks book was in at the library and I was the first one in line to borrow it so it’s in my living room waiting for me right now!

2. The IRS gave me material to blog about today.

3. Dinner was mom’s left over stuffed peppers.


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