Cars do the Darndest Things

I can’t believe I forgot to add the funniest thing from yesterday’s adventure having the two Mitsubishi’s inspected. My mom told me there was something squealing when she turned on the air conditioner. She stopped using it and couldn’t tell me when it happened. Was it raining? She didn’t know. She heard it and stopped using it.

So I drove her car from Bethlehem to Easton. From Easton to Laurys Station not a squeak out of her. Air conditioning blasting, nothing. The mechanic started it, took it into the garage, left it run with the air conditioner blasting. Nothing.

Started her car again to pull it out of the garage when the inspection and oil change was done, put the air on, nothing. So he worked on my car.

When my car was done I decided to take my mom’s car back to my house and have lunch, fill it up with gas, and then drive it back to her and meet my friend to bring me back to my car. Turned on the air, put it in gear, started driving past the garage, and she started squealing like a pig! Marv came running out, I popped the hood, but by the time he got the hood up, it stopped. LOL !!!! And of course it wouldn’t do it again. We decided to change the belt and be done with it. Too funny!

I’m just glad it decided to squeal before I got all the way back to Easton with it. Cars can be so much fun.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have food for today.

2. I’m so glad my car passed inspection and the oil is changed.

3. Friends that helped me to jockey my car and my mom’s car, because my mom won’t drive up here.


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