Inspection Day

Yay, Mitsi passed inspection!!!! I always go three months in advance of when she’s due just in case there are any surprises that I need to come up with money for. Thankfully, this year, no surprises with my car.


Now my mom’s car, well, let me tell you the importance of having a good mechanic you trust. She decided to take her car elsewhere for the past six months for oil changes. Well they never even looked at her radiator cap. When Marv took it off he said it disintegrated and he had to fish the pieces out of her radiator. Her overflow tank was completely empty (which was unusual for her car it was always full). So apparently the cap was bad and the antifreeze was leaking out when it got hot and burning off before it hit the ground so there was no puddle. And since my mom and sister don’t know how to lift the hood and aren’t interested in learning they had no idea. If I hadn’t brought it to my mechanic for inspection they could have overheated it and seized the engine. SCARY!

The place they took it never checked her air filter either, it was disgusting. I told them before, Marv is an awesome mechanic and they really should let me drive it up here for the oil change every three months, but they thought they could do better at a commercial place. Well, that could have been a nightmare!

If you don’t have a good mechanic, one person, that looks at your car every time you go in then you better know what to look for yourself. I personally like to keep an eye on my car and have one person, Marv, do my maintenance. I can’t stress how very important it is. If you have a different person doing your oil change every time they won’t notice changes to your hoses, belts, brake lines, gas lines, brakes, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and so much more. So I will say it one more time make sure you find yourself a good mechanic that takes an interest in your car’s safety.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Both my mom’s and my car passed inspection.

2. The problem with mom’s car was averted before it became a huge problem.

3. Marv Murphy is an awesome mechanic! Bless him God.


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