The Car

Yes, I did get out and wash and wax my car yesterday. And yes, it felt good. I’m in a lot of pain from it, but she looks really good. I can’t even believe she’s ten years old already. I’ve only had the joy of owning her for the past six years.

She was a reward to me from the long-term disability insurance company from my employer. They cut me off after two years claiming I was mental. They set me up so they could use the clause in their contract to their favor. Thankfully the auditors didn’t see things the same way and I was rewarded four years of back pay and was able to pay some overdue bills and pay cash for Mitsi, (2003 Mitsubishi Galant). And most important my fibromyalgia and other medical issues were validated as truth and not all in my head.

When I bought Mitsi I knew I wanted to take the best care of her because it will probably be the last car I can afford to buy. Up until recently I have done well. Physically the grass has been taking all my energy to mow so her waxing has decreased. And maintenance, well I just don’t have anything left to buy food for me and Morriss so it’s impossible to keep up with the maintenance the way I know I should. Right now she needs an oil change, spark plugs and wires, a transmission flush, tires rotated and an alignment. But she’s due for inspection in November and since you can legally get it done three months in advance I always do that in case there are any issues, then I at least have a little time to deal with it. STRESS! I feel so awful that I can’t keep up with her the way I need to.



Now you may be wondering how a ten-year old car that sits outside year round in the elements can look so good. Well wonder no more.

LIQUID GLASS! This is the best and easiest car polish I’ve ever used. No temperature requirements, you can put it on in bright sunlight, no little circles just put it on a rag and wipe back and forth, no worry about getting it off. I do the whole car and then go back and wipe it off, and it comes off just as easily as it goes on. It doesn’t stink either. And when you’re done you can see the clouds reflecting in your paint. This is by far the best product I’ve ever used. And I love waxing my cars so I’ve used a lot of different things. This outshines and outlasts every other product out there. It beads up much longer than the rest too. It is a bit pricey, but this can has lasted me four years now, so it’s well worth it. It can be hard to find. But I have seen it on Amazon and Ebay.


So the car is done and I didn’t worry about cleaning the inside or vacuuming. I just washed and waxed her, which was enough physically.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The car is washed and waxed and looks so nice.

2. A friend put some money in my paypal account so I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay for my car inspection on Monday.

3. It looks like another beautiful day out there.


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