Another Surprising Day

I heard from my plumber first thing this morning and just as I suspected he told me to call him back when he could get to the water shut off. So after my doctor appointment I went to the office to pay my rent and mentioned that I need to know when the hole would be filled in so I could schedule the plumber to fix my outside faucet. I could tell the manager was miffed because she called the maintenance guy on the phone and handed it to me to talk to him.

I explained my dilemma. I told him I wasn’t trying to be a pain in the ass, I just needed to know when I could schedule the plumber because I need to have that faucet fixed before the temperatures go below freezing.

Unbeknownst to me, before I got there my neighbor was in there complaining about the pile of mucky sludge in his yard and he wanted it removed TODAY!!!! So I guess when I mentioned the plumber I just set everyone over the edge and they just took the pile of wet mucky sludge and put it back into the hole it came out of. So much for fresh fill. It stinks to high heaven. I completely lost my appetite after smelling that and lucky me it’s right outside of my bedroom door.

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, but I don’t own the land so I can’t make those decisions. Nor do I have the money to do that. So I guess I just have to live with the decision that was made. I can honestly say I really don’t even want to see my neighbor right now. He was talking about putting his ant ridden fence back up. I told him to throw it the hell away. That’s when I walked away and came into the house.

I intended today to be a day of quiet. I was going to go to my doctor appointment, pay my lot rent, nap, and then do my homework. Well, once again, no nap. My body is SCREAMING IN PAIN! But I did take both quizzes for lessons 3 and 4 and got 100% on both and I finished the assignment for lesson 3. I will have to work on lesson 4 tomorrow. I’m in too much pain and too fatigued to think anymore right now.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I can call the plumber back and schedule my faucet and shower head.

2. My lot rent is paid.

3. I did get some homework done.


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