So Much Going On

Yesterday ended up being another day where I couldn’t get the rest my body needed. The gentleman who was working on my shed roof showed up to do a little more. (He’s almost done now!) Yay! He also offered to mow my grass and weed eat for me and ended up mowing my neighbor’s lawn too. Lloyd is such a great example of a Christian.

When he showed up I went out to give him some water and he said he was supposed to be coaching all day, but they ended up calling him off so he decided to come work on my shed. I am so thankful at the way God worked yesterday out. My outside faucet for my hose started leaking really bad and if it wasn’t for Lloyd being here I would not have known what to do. He told me to go to the hardware store and get a cap for it to at least stop the leak temporarily. He was going to try to take it apart and fix it, but my water shut off is behind the hole under my house where all the dirt is crumbling out. YIKES! And the fact that he mowed my lawn and did the weed eating for me meant the world to me. I am so exhausted from these last couple of days there’s no way I would have been able to do it and so I really appreciate that God had him called off of coaching and sent him here.

I called the plumber and left a message because I need him to fix the outside faucet, my hand-held shower head is cracked and leaking, and the sprayer in my kitchen sink is falling into the hole. I woke up at 3:00 am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep and realized I really can’t have the plumber fix the outside faucet until the hole is filled in. I hope they move on that because once it starts to get below freezing my pipes will freeze if that’s not fixed. UGHHH!!!!!

Today I went to the 9:00 am service figuring I could go to Lowe’s and get my shower head that was on sale afterward and then come home, have lunch and nap. Yeah well that didn’t work out. I was in far too much pain to sleep this afternoon. I feel battle weary right now. That fatigued pain where you’re in too much pain and too tired to even sleep. The body just WON’T relax no how, no way.

I’m glad I made it to church, the service was great and I got to see Pastor Robert and Andrea one last time before they left. I gave Andrea a package of peel and stick nails since she always admired mine and I wrote them out a card this morning before I left. I’m sure they will have a great new adventure and I know my pastor and his wife have hurting hearts right now. Lord please comfort them and give them your peace tonight.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Hopefully I can relax and work on my homework tomorrow???? Please God!

2. I got the $80 shower head I wanted on sale at Lowe’s for #37!

3. I’m going to try to sleep tonight once again. Please God help me to get some sleep.


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